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How to safely walk your cat on a leash.

Cats and dogs are different in so many ways however, they do have at least one thing in common. That is, both species enjoy the outdoors to sniff, explore and roll around. Although walking your cat doesn't come as naturally as walking your dog; proper equipment and some training can help get you and your kitty started on your outdoor adventures!

Getting Equipped

The first step is understanding the two basic styles of harnesses on the market: leads, which comprise a few straps attached to a leash, and vests, which are like little pieces of clothing for cats.

A standard lead fits around the cat’s neck and back to evenly distribute pressure. Similar to dog harnesses, these come in varying sizes for adult cats and kittens.

Vests provide more coverage and pressure distribution than leads, and they can be a good choice for cats who pull a lot during walks or for flexible felines who can wriggle out of a lead.

The RC Pets Adventure Kitty Harness, which is featured on Finn in the photo, is made of air-mesh fabric and has reflective binding. It’s adjustable at both the neck and waist, and it comes with a matching 6-foot leash.

You Shouldn't Walk your Cat by the Collar.

Cats have soft throats and can choke if walked by a leash attached to their collar. That's why we recommend fitting your kitty with the purrfect harness. A well-fitting harness will keep your kitty safe and comfortable in all your outdoor adventures together.

Finding the Right Fit

Regardless of which harness style you choose, fit is the most important factor, both in terms of preventing escape and making sure your cat is comfortable. Measuring your cat for a harness is simple, take your cat’s girth measurement snug against her fur, and then add 2 to 3 inches to that measurement for comfort. You want the harness to be snug, but not too tight. As a general rule, you should be able to fit a finger or two — but not more than that — under the harness.

Once you’ve selected the right harness, you can begin to train your cat to join you on all sorts of outdoor adventures. A little patience and some treats are key to helping your feline friend become a confident walking companion!

Keep in Mind

Certain feline personalities are less accepting of new experiences. Some cats may never be comfortable on a leash or outdoors due to age, health or personality, and you should never force your pet outside of his comfort zone.

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